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Our digests are updates with analysis on the events of national and international importance.


Diplomatic Dispatch 01


In this digest read about PM Modi's successful visit to Europe and Nepal.

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Security Digest


Hello and Welcome to the Strategika, India’s Security Digest, where we track and bring before you all the news and developments related to India’s National Security on a regular basis. Our aim is to provide you with the most comprehensive of data on India’s National Security

Happy Reading.

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Weekly Global Digest 


In this edition, read about the attack on UAE and the following attacks on Yemen by Saudi led alliance. We have also included the latest update on the Ukraine column that attempts to summarise the latest developments in the crisis. Also in the digest, Kishida- Biden talk and the military coup in Burkina Faso.

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Rocket Launch

Weekly Global Digest


In this edition of the digest, find detailed coverage of Wang Yi’s visit to five nations, Russia-NATO Talks, the situation in Kazakhstan, and North Korea’s Missile craze.

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Weekly Global Digest


In this edition of the digest read about the ongoing turmoil and protests in Kazakhstan and Sudan. It also contains the developments on the Korean Peninsula while also tracking the recent developments in the Ukrainian crisis. We hope you will like the digest.

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