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Tracking Contemporary Geopolitics and Emerging Trends in the Current World Order

Started during the peak of the COVID crisis in 2020, as a social media initiative, Ytharth is an attempt by the students of SIS, JNU to bring the Indian perspective to International Relations. We track the contemporary and emerging geopolitical developments across the world and try to understand their implications for India. Indian Foreign Policy and the Strategic Choices that India is making in this uncertain and ever-changing world order remain central to our work. 

As an organisation of Young Scholars from India, we are committed to bringing the perspective of the Indian Youth to the forefront of our academic discussions and debate.  Thus, a significant portion of our content is directly or indirectly developed by the young scholars of India. We publish articles/opinions/ commentaries on the Foreign Policy & Strategic Affairs of India. 

One of our popular initiatives is 'Expert Speaks'. In Expert Speaks we invite scholars to deliver Public Talks on contemporary issues about our Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Security and Military Strategy.


Our bi-monthly e-magazine is a recent work we have undertaken. While India has many academic journals in the field of International and Strategic Affairs, there lacks a vibrant magazine culture in our country. We intend to fill this gap with our magazine.

Our magazine will take up one issue every two months and invite scholars from across the world to present their views. We also aim to prominently feature the faculty, research scholars, and students of the School of International Studies but are not restricted to them. We intend to be the voice of Indian scholars working in the field of foreign policy, defence and strategic studies.

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